Replacement of an Individual Tooth

Dental implants can replace your single missing tooth and not alter your surrounding teeth in the process. Posts (abutment) are attached to your implants, following placement, to support your dental crown on top of your gums.


A dental implant using a crown

• Transformed smile
• Chewing ability restored
• Jawbone and healthy teeth are preserved
• Bone tissue is maintained


Standard dental crown & dental bridge

• Smile enhancement
• Grinding can be necessary for healthy teeth to assure fit
• Bone loss is possible beneath the bridge
• Cavity and tooth failure risk increases


Missing teeth without treatment

• Smile is damaged
• Chewing ability is lost
• Bone loss can occur

How a Dental Implant Restores Your Tooth Function

Three steps are involved in your treatment using tooth implants. You will receive complete details during your initial oral examination.